I know, I know…Moving straight up sucks, but my famous line to everyone is that, it’s like a band-aid, just rip it off-get it done. Once you get it over with you won’t have to do it again-unless you move frequently of course and then my suggestion is to keep your personables to the bare minimum. If you have a good indication of how far your move is then I say get-a-movin! Start as early as possible and stay as organized as possible. Yes, it’s stressful, but if you organize it just right it generally relieves all the unnecessary stress. For the longest time I would just throw away my bills. My thought was, “well I know it’s here, I know I don’t have the money, so if I can’t see it, it can’t see me!” yeah, that’s well-just plain stupid of me, but don’t be like Courtney, you be you. If you know you have time then start planning. I have provided a step by step guide on what to focus on first from a month before to the day of. If you still have questions, you know how to reach me. Ok, enough chatter lets begin.

Begin One month Ahead

If you are renting make sure to notify your landlord about 30 days before or the amount of time that is required on your lease. Next you should have a checklist. I have provided two checklists here that should get you started. Print them out and stick them on your fridge for easy access. Plus, when it’s direct in your face its hard to pretend the move isn’t happening.

Click Here—–>Moving Checklist

Have a yard Sale

Schedule a Moving Truck

Buy boxes or rent bins

Hire a Moving Company

Pack Rarely Used Items


Two Weeks Before Move 

Notify Utilities

Change your Address

Use up all your food

Transfer buyers/renters insurance

Confirm moving dates with Real Estate agent/Landlord


Week of Move 

Start Packing

Pack a Carry on


Day of Move 

Wake up early and confirm everything

Do a final Clean up

Lock doors/turn off lights

Make sure to carry cash for tips/or food


Now that you are some what informed, go ahead and go wild on Pinterest also. Tons of tips on moving hacks. Check out the links below, you won’t want to miss it!



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